Algae Barrier



Remember those reddish, fluffy algae that
formed some kind of soup near the shore?
Ioana, my sister, didn’t like going through
them at all, so I sometimes crossed this algae
barrier carrying her in my arms.
It was one of those moments when I felt
like a very young grown-up ( I am 4 years older).
Although I was proud to carry her, I also
made bad jokes about dropping her in the
algae soup, poor child.
Being so cute when she frowned,
made it hard to resist not to joke about it.


I liked to fish the algae and drag them in
the water. I was fascinated by the movement
of the soft twigs and I imagined that
this is what mermaids’ hair should look like.


I dedicate this illustration to the memory
of an idyllic childhood, near the Black Sea shores.